Insert your companies brochure, flyer or personalised pages into the book publication.

Tip-ins Additional single or double page spread pages can be inserted at the beginning of the book, which personalises the book and advertises the client’s business in the first pages of the book.  The artwork for this can be provided by the client or designed by Phoenix Visions World if required. These tip-ins are arranged to be inserted at the print production stage. 

Bespoke limited-edition book runs An additional section specific to the client’s business can be bound into the book (normally 8 or 16 pages), with the company’s logo added to the book cover design.  If the client requires a bespoke cover design and cover material, this can also be supplied.   

Brochures As a separate service from the book, we design and print brochures and flyers for hotels, restaurants, adventure and sports activity companies, tourist information pamphlets etc.

We design and print insert flyers and brochures and 'bespoke' covers that include specific third party branding throughout the publication if so requsted.